Environmental Education at School

The younger generations are currently mobilizing massively for the climate cause. However, the decision makers’ response to their distress call is weak or non-existent. Therefore, the project we are proposing aims to enable young generations living in Belgium to take concrete and responsible actions to help improving the state of the planet and its ecosystems.

This project will take place in Belgian primary and secondary schools. It is divided into two parts: first, students and teachers will be made aware of environmental issues through relevant scientific studies whose information will have been made accessible. This sensitization will take place in the form of games adapted to the age of the beneficiaries (board games, posters, challenges between schools…). Secondly, they will be tooled (in a participatory way) to enable them to find and implement concrete, simple and personalized solutions to this crisis. Participatory workshops will be held in schools. This will allow everyone to express themselves on the subject and find concrete and accessible solutions related to these environmental issues.

This project is based on the following assumptions: the younger generations are the decision-makers of tomorrow, so it is important to empower them from an early age. In addition, by sensitizing and empowering them, we do the same with their parents. Indeed, what is set up and becomes a habit at school can also turn into a habit at home. In addition, providing content related to the environment will allow teachers to answer more effectively to their students’ questions about climate. In addition, making individuals closer to the environment makes them more aware of their condition. Finally, learning while having fun and participating can lead to much better and lasting results over time.”


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April 3, 2019

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