Jentl is an app that will improve the experience of children who have to visit the hospital regularly for a long time due to a severe illness. To inform the child about what’s going to happen during the treatment in a fun and interactive way, we will make use of an avatar. In AR the avatar will guide the child through its hospital stay to make him/her feel more at ease. At the same time the app will also help to keep the child entertained and can get him/her to connect with other children at the hospital via this Avatar.
Jentl can be used in preparation to a hospital stay, during a hospital stay and also when back at home for follow-up. Hospital staff can be fed relevant information about the patient through based on his/her input & reaction to the app.

Watch their live pitch here, or here if you don’t like Facebook.

Download a deck of our work here.

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May 7, 2018

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