You are on a mission to improve the world

Your strengths


★ Motivation

You’re passionate about doing something meaningful in your entrepreneurial career. You want to solve real, important problems and make a positive impact on the world. That’s fantastic because it means you’re a highly motivated entrepreneur. You’ll keep going as long as you believe in the mission.


★ Professional Network

You love the people aspects of being an entrepreneur. That’s a huge strength because as you well know, you can’t build a business sitting in your ivory tower. You need to create a talented team, build relationships with customers, and connect with a whole range of people and organisations who can help you with expertise, resources and funding. That’s your forte and it’s super important.


To build on your strengths


★ Confidence

As an entrepreneur you can’t let your own insecurities hold you down. You need confidence and a strong belief in your own capabilities to face the many challenges and hurdles that you’ll face on your path to success. The thing is, most of us experience some degree of Imposter Syndrome – being prone to self-doubt, anxiety and dwelling on past mistakes – which prevents us from taking those all important entrepreneurial steps, especially the first step!

At Hack Belgium, you’ll boost your confidence like you never knew possible. It is one of the most consistent points of feedback we get from participants, that they’re absolutely amazed at what they managed to achieve in just 3 days at Hack Belgium. You’ll come up with a powerful idea, you’ll develop and validate that idea, you’ll work with experts and mentors, you’ll learn a ton about market opportunities and new technologies, you’ll learn business and product design skills, and finally you’ll present a project proposal that could really go somewhere. You’ll discover a whole new you!


★ Market & Technology Knowledge

Most successful entrepreneurs process vast amounts of information. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are famous for the amount of reading they do. It’s why such entrepreneurs have a deep and insightful understanding of their market and especially how technology is driving change. Such insight doesn’t come by magic! Those who think that it does, that they’re blessed with some supernatural business ‘intuition’, will soon find themselves left behind by smarter entrepreneurs.

At Hack Belgium you’ll vastly expand your knowledge about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, bio-as-technology, internet of things and immersive technologies. You’ll attend technology workshops, you’ll play with technologies in the massive Experience Zone and you’ll build a professional network among the country’s top technology experts. You’ll also learn about societal trends and challenges, and thereby discover new opportunities for innovation. And finally you’ll learn about all the latest thinking in entrepreneurial management and product design. Most importantly, you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge immediately in your own project.


★ Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurship is not some magical inborn talent. It’s a skill that you can learn. It’s about knowing how to evaluate business ideas, about how to posit and test your assumptions, about prototyping and user testing. It’s about growth, about marketing and sales. And it’s about finding the resources and funding to keep your business afloat.

Hack Belgium is basically a super intense crash course in all these skills. You’ll attend hands-on workshops on business modelling, user centered design and much else. And with the help of mentors you’ll be applying your new skills immediately in your project.

Become the wholesome
entrepreneur you deserve to be

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PICK a challenge

Everything starts with a challenge. There’s 36 in total to choose from at Hack Belgium. They inspire most of the creative work and they ensure that the work is meaningful and directed at real problems and needs in society.


Learn, test and discover recent advances in emerging technologies – such as artificial intelligence, bio-as-technology, internet of things and immersive technologies – to help stretch and improve your project.


99+ inspiring workshops to choose from to help you make the most of your innovation journey and make you grow as an innovator and entrepreneur (e.g. Human Centered Cesign, Growth Hacking, Funding & Financing etc.)


Meet Belgium’s entire entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. Not for a cocktail party, but for 3 solid days of creative work. You’ll make new friends with your teammates, you’ll connect with hundreds of leading experts and scientists.

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