Dream Platform

We build a platform to chase your dreams. It can: Consolidate all your savings multibank / cards / cash Visualize your goals Educate kids & poor people > Freemium model> Webshop included> Using AI & AnalyticsIf you want to know more about this...


We’re creating a platform empowering citizens by allowing them to invest in new local businesses or changes they want to see in their neighborhood. Use case: somebody misses a bakery/co-working/etc. in the neighborhood. He places a 50€ deposit and mentioned type of...


CityCoin allows you to earn coins through sustainable behaviour in your city, such as using public transport. The earned coins give you discounts or you can re-invest them in new projects for your city, like green areas or renovation of public spaces. Download our...


Financial advisor. App that gathers all kinds of data and gives advice to people based on multiple accounts via PSD2. > Using AI & Analytics If you want to know more about this project, reach out to Koen via Koen.beek@soprabanking.com.

Clean Up Belgium

We are cleaning up Belgium by making big connections and incentivizing the clean up efforts. If you want to know more about this project, reach out to John via johnjdailey@gmail.com.

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