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Community Manager

Here’s what the job responsibilities are:
1. Set up and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies both during our events and between them. You’ll do a tiny bit of writing, oversee content creation (work with our video and photographer freelancers).
2. Build our community and keep in constant touch with it (by answering questions through social media, emails, website but also reaching out proactively). That includes our business partners – companies that take part in Hack Belgium.
3. Work with our head of communications to create, analyse and optimise our advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Another thing to keep in mind: you’ll have to automate your work as much as possible.

Sounds good?

Duration: unlimited
Start date: now

Sales Internship

Joins us to researching companies and identify the right people for us to contact. You will be working with our CRM (if you don’t know what it is, that’s cool – we’ll teach you all about it) and assist our crew at the business development events and in other clever things we do to speed up sales.
Duration: minimum 3 month
Start date: now

Communication Internship

In this cross-functional role, you’ll be supporting our Community Manager with social media (content finding and creation, social media posting and monitoring for results, optimizing the content over time) both on-site and in between events. And support our of Head of Communications with the website (content update). Join us!
Duration: minimum 6 month
Start date: now

Volunteer during the event

Volunteer at Hack Belgium 2020 on the 7 › 8 › 9 May and help 1000 people change their life and save the world.

Open Application

We are growing and we will need help soon!

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