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Thrive in a VUCA world

You know this better than we do: for your company to deal successfully with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) of the world today, your entire team must learn a whole new set of hard and soft skills, embrace a new attitude, and find a new purpose within your company.

They need to become more entrepreneurial, more agile and more innovative, as well as more aware of new technologies and be able to work in increasingly diverse teams.

Hack Belgium is a unique 3-day learning experience that profoundly affects everyone taking part. Fine-tuned over three successful editions, our unconventional approach is trusted by HR professionals from companies large and small to unlock the potential of their colleagues.

Amazing ideas coming to life in three days and becoming the seeds of a business.
Amélie, entrepreneur

Hack Belgium is an
Open Innovation Festival

Based on the concept of a hackathon, it is laser-focused on creating new entrepreneurial projects. The process of creating these projects, the positive atmosphere, the thoroughly calibrated process and over 300 experts – that’s what makes Hack Belgium a highly effective learning tool.


Core innovation & entrepreneurship
Pitching & presentation techniques
Novel business models
Design thinking
Growth hacking


Creativity techniques
Working in diverse & non-hierarchical groups
Understand technology & its impact

Motivation &

Find purpose again
Critical thinking
Open minds
Gain confidence



Putting creativity on steroids


Leveraging technology to make it happen


Creating solutions
people will use


Moving from idea to business model


Purpose is what drives 1000 people to come together with strangers, to roll up their sleeves, and to work their hearts out for three days at Hack Belgium.

Purpose is why participants can’t wait to get out of the workshops and to get back to their projects, and why taking part in Hack Belgium doesn’t feel like studying.

Crucially, three days of working with a purpose helps participants realize how much more rewarding their work can be, and helps them build a fresh connection with your company and their jobs.

Purpose is what changes culture.

May 7


Get together and share ideas. Put your ideas forward and
listen to others, and form teams to join forces and create.

May 8


Turn your idea into a project. Ideate, experiment, and explore. Put your heads together and turn things around and build a solid business model.

May 9


Put your project in the starting blocks. Get your business
model ready to run and pitch it to a jury.

1 month later


Get serious and get working to make an impact. After a month respite, it’s time to get ready to take the big leap. Let’s get together and clear the last hurdles.

Whom of your colleagues should you send?

Everyone! No, seriously – changing culture inside your company won’t happen if only a few people have a culture-changing experience.

But, being realistic – sending a team of 10-20 people is a good start. Ideally, a good cross-section of your entire company: a combination of senior profiles and newest members of your team; upper and middle management together with front-line employees. By bringing together all those employees you make sure that the skills and energy acquired during Hack Belgium do spread across your entire company.

I’m blown away by the fact that ideas by ‘normal’ people, drawn up in three days can have an amazing impact on the planet and the people on it.

Sarah Vandewiele, 2019 participant


Or, not yet convinced but would like to bounce ideas on how Hack Belgium experience would fit into your current learning and development process? Wondering how to help your colleagues get the most out of the experience?


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